Material: birch plywood whitewashed, metal screws, plastic diffusers
Dimensions: various. (L152 x H 88, 132, 192 cm)
Weight 12kg
Voltage:100- 220v
Wattage: 30w
Lumen 4200
Color temperature 2400

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Octo chandelier

 3.990,00 4.790,00

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Delivery time six to eight weeks


The ’24mm Octo chandelier’ is made with the ’24mm “system 
designed by Arend Groosman.
The Octo chandelier, as the name suggests, has a design that looks like an octopus, because of its’ eight arms in combination with the connection elements, with the visible electricity cables that give the chandelier a playful outlook.  The original starting idea of the design, however, was not an octopus, but the shape of a UFO, combined with the construction of a kite. The evolution of natural elements as well as man-made constructions are now part of the final product: a balanced design in which form and function are combined.


The ‘24mm’ system leads to endless creative possibilities when designing furniture.
All the products are handmade and produced  in our local studio in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Contact us for special colors, wood types, light temperatures, different sizes or custom designs.


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