24mm Edge side table
Delivery time three to six weeks The '24mm Edge table small ' side table is one of the products made with the '24mm "system designed by Arend Groosman. ‘24mm’: one system to build everything The ‘24mm’ system leads to endless creative possibilities when designing furniture. The ‘Edge tables’ have a close connection with the Classic version and the Construction version because of the edges that give the furniture an extra three-dimensional look. And because of the screws that make it a flexible building system. Hereby is it also a way of taking al the best out of one lath of birch wood. All the products are handmade and produced with machines we built by ourselves in our local studio in Scheveningen in The Netherlands. The products are constructed out of 24 millimeters thick birch multiply. We cut the birchwood into carefully calculated strips which makes it possible to work with a minimum amount of waste material.   Download product files   Price request    
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Line led
Levertijd drie tot vier weken ( 2 meter versie 6 weken) Ontworpen en duurzaam vervaardigd van hout, met oog voor detail, in onze eigen studio in Den Haag. Neem gerust contact met ons op voor vragen, samples, speciale kleuren, verschillende maten of om aangepaste ontwerpen te bespreken. Voor 3D-afbeeldingen en drukwerk kunt u contact met ons opnemen.   Prijsaanvraag
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