Material: birch plywood, metal screws, plastic.
Dimensions: various dimensions possible.
(L40xB15xH40) Weight 0,90 kg. Voltage: 220v.
Wattage: 1,35w. Lumen 140. Color temperature
2700. Not dimmable. Includes power plug and LED-light.



24mm Transformable lamp No1

Delivery time three to six weeks

The ’24mm Transformable lamp No1 ‘ is one of the products made with the ’24mm’ system designed by Arend Groosman.

‘24mm’: one system to build everything.

This table lamp can be transformed into all kinds of shapes and forms, therefore the lamp is adaptable to your mood and you can shape it as you like. Have a look at the three options presented here. The ‘24mm’ system leads to endless creative possibilities when designing furniture. The ’24mm Transformable Lamp’ is made of birch plywood and LED lighting. All the products are handmade and produced with machines we built by ourselves in our local studio in Scheveningen in The Netherlands. The products are constructed out of 24 millimeters thick birch multiply. We cut the birchwood into carefully calculated strips which makes it possible to work with a minimum amount of waste material.


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