Material: birch plywood, perspex
Dimensions: 28,8 x 28,8 x 28,8 cm
Weight: 6 kg
Includes LED-light E27
Wattage: 7w
Lumen: 650
Color temperature 2800

Classic lamp


Delivery time six weeks

The 24mm- Classic Lamp is one of the most chic editions of the 24mm furniture.
These editions form a bridge that connects the two worlds that Arend Groosman moves between: the applied world that revolves around design and functionality, and the autonomous, artistic world of the artist.

While designing this edition, Groosman gave priority to the form above the function. Therefore this furniture might visually remind the viewer of the architectural, where the gracefulness of the technical formula of the furniture is let to the foreground.

The construction side of the furniture is not subordinate to the form, but shapes the appearance by letting the structure, the technical side come to the foreground in an esthetic way.

So, the name ‘Classic’ is not just a name.

All the products are handmade and produced with machines we built by ourselves in our local studio in Scheveningen in The Netherlands. The products are constructed out of 24 millimeters thick birch multiply. We cut the birchwood into carefully calculated strips which makes it possible to work with a minimum amount of waste material.


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