Since 2004 Arend Groosman has occupied himself with mathematical logic within spaces. Patterns and repetitions, phenomena which can be found in nature, architecture and our society are inextricably connected to his world of thought. The logics, patterns and systems form a main theme in Arend Groosman work. In his experiments the constant search for the ultimate building block is a predominant motif. An important factor during this research is the playful way in which materials are used. This makes unexpected twists possible during the creation process, which can lead to surprising and non-fixed outcomes. Because the shape and function of systems are not fixed in advance, these experiments develop themselves into a completely transformable and mobile reality in shape and application.

Modular models


was created through multiple experiments and long-term research into the workings of different systems. '24mm' is closely related to earlier architectural work done by Arend Groosman, like his Mobile Transformable Architecture. An important motivation in this process is his quest for the perfect building system.

The basic idea behind '24mm' is to realise Micro architecture, whether or not combined with interior applications. The goal of this combination is to design spaces that can be transformed to meet desired needs. For example;  the spaces can be suitable for living and working. The system is so versatile that walls, the ceiling and the floor, including different levels and staircases, but also interior decoration, like cupboards, tables and chairs can be constructed from a single building system.

Because of the large amounts of possibilities that the '24mm' offers, we have started applying the technique. Through designing furniture with the '24mm' system we have discovered the limits of this technique. By realising a complete line of furniture a technical logic concerning the '24mm' system was created.

Through microarchitecture models were created that could be realised at true scale. The exact shapes and dimensions of the models are constantly subject to change in a search for the correct shape, before realising a model in full size.

24mm Pavilions
Venice Architecture Biennale