Arend Groosman (1983) has always been fascinated by shapes, systems and architecture. Heavy experimentation with all kinds of shapes and materials, in search of new and innovative construction systems, constitute the main theme throughout his work. Arend’s projects have a playful undertone, but they also refer to a certain sense of unease when it comes to living in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing society. Therefore, sustainability and transformation are important incentives to generate new insights. With his works, Arend is trying to find a way out of existing systems by creating his own, both artistically and metaphorically. With this utopian ideal in mind transformable and mobile projects come to life which form the foundation of the creation of an independent, constantly changing and ever-expanding universe. From construction and experimental shapes to spatial installations, from utensils to furniture. All of these are part of Arend’s very own spatial and transformable reality.