Since 2004, Arend Groosman has been developing his very own spatial transformable world, by researching and designing construction systems that can be used to build a wide range of applications. With his present project, which is called 24mm, Arend has come up with his ultimate multi-functional construction system.

Lamps, furniture, spatial constructions and even whole spaces can be built with this one-of-a-kind system. The name of the system is derived from the unit that is used to measure the beams with which the system is constructed.

Me Photo Daan SpangenbergArend Groosman (1983) has always been interested in systems, shapes and architecture. Experimenting with different shapes and materials in his search of new systems constitutes the main theme throughout his work. Sustainability and transformation are important incentives to generate new insights. Usually his projects have a playful undertone, but the artist also often refers to certain unease in our dynamic and quickly changing society. Part of his work, therefore, is dedicated to finding a way out of this society. In this process the utopian ideal itself is more important than actually reaching this goal. With this ideal as basic principle, transformable and mobile projects are created which together form an independent, constantly changing and growing universe. From construction and experimental shapes to spatial installation and from utensils to furniture, all of these are part of Arend Groosman transformable reality.


After a period of experimentation and long term research into the workings of different systems. I developed a system that makes it possible to experiment and realize my designs in a fast and efficiënt way. This quest has resulted in the creation of my ultimate construction system: 24mm. 24mm is a modular system which makes it possible to build constructions that are utilizable in many different ways: experimental, architectural or interior objects, sculptures, but also spatial constructions. An important guideline while developing my system has been my search into transformable, mobile architecture. Because the objects made with the 24mm system can be assembled and disassembled again, it is possible to create objects rapidly and quickly carry out new ideas. In this way objects can be constantly changed or merged, the material is easily reusable and everything can be transported efficiently. By using a combination of both the functional and the playful, I want to refer to a future in which our world is constantly adapting to the imagination.


Since 2017 I have been working on finding new connection techniques for the 24mm system. To do this in the most playful way possible I have done this in the form of lighting. This started with the 24mm Octo chandelier consisting of 8 arms full of connections at the corners and an electrical system that is designed for both form and function.

This electricity system can also be found with the Single lamp.

From this I continued with connectors that you can set to find a transformable adjustable mechanism that way. This has been achieved in the Circle collection.

Because I have developed the Circle collection over 2,5 years, several prototype lamps have emerged during this time 1 of which I have further developed into the Triangle collection. As the name implies, this consists of triangles that connect the 24 mm slats. Another big advantage is that this collection can be produced efficiently


Furthermore, I have really studied LED lighting. What is standard in all lamps, but which is especially evident in the new 24mm pendant led collection. Since 2015 we produce these. Now available as standard from 0,36 to 3 meters long.



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7, 8 & 9 February From 11h – 19h. OBJECT Rotterdam 2020. Address Vierhavensstraat 38-42 Rotterdam.

1-2- 3 Juni 2018. Designkwartier in het Zeeheldenkwartier, Den Haag address: Prins Hendrikstraat 5510, 2518 HK Den Haag.

7-8-9 Juni 2017. Design District. Off Site programma waar? Scandinavian Business Seating Design Center Blaak 28 3011 TA Rotterdam 

19-21 mei 2017. Designkwartier in het Zeeheldenkwartier, Den Haag address: Zoutmanstraat 51a, 2518 GM Den Haag

4 April to 9 April 2017. Salone del Mobile 2017. Tortona. Connecting the Dots. Design Language Via Francesco Carchidio 2, 20144 Milano. Made possible by Stroom Den Haag

28 May to 27 November 2016. Architecture Biënnale Venetië: Global Art Affairs. funds:  Stimuleringsfonds , Stroom The Hague

15 december – 15 januari 2015/ 2016 ‘Om nooit te vergeten’ Locatie: Atrium stadhuis, Spui, Den Haag link funds Stroom Den Haag.

27 September 2015 Makersfestival Den Haag Locatie: Grote Markt

29-31 mei 2015 Designkwartier Den Haag locatie Stroom Hogewal 1-9 

28 november – 19 december 2015 Clear overview ’24mm’ furniture in the shop Crowdyhouse.

18- 26  October 2014 New collection and constructons with ’24mm’ at the Dutch Designweek, Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. Made possible by Stroom Den Haag

27 september 2014 Makers Fair. Presentation of ’24mm’ technology and sharing of knowledge and skills. See

21 september -12 oktober  2014  Inconstancy of space . Ring Gallery, Mestrovic Pavilion. Zagreb Croatia (HDLU)  Curated by Vanja Babic and Neva Lukic.

30-31 mei 2014 Festival Boven Ij Winkelcentrum Buikslotermeerplein en Amsterdam Maker Festival 2014 end presentation Rhizomatic.

19-25 mei  2014 The ’24mm’ construction system and production can be seen at D’ DAYS Paris.

28-15 mei  2014 Residency at Amsterdam noord see Rhizomatic

5 -9 februari  2014 Rotterdam  TEC ART at the Warehouse Fenixloods 1

5   februari start 2014 Collaboration Rent-a-project.

13 – 19 Januari 2014 Köln ’24mm’ can be seen at the Interior Design Week Köln. For more information about this event, see

19- 27  October  2013 Eindhoven ’24mm’ can be seen at the Dutch Designweek in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. Made possible by Stroom Den Haag


24mm: the construction system and product of Atelier Groosman

’24mm’ is the name of the construction system pioneered by the artist Arend Groosman that he developed after many experiments and lengthy research into the workings of different building systems. ’24mm’ connects nicely to earlier, more architectural, work of this artist especially his mobile and transformable architecture. For more information on the line of furniture click here


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