Ruimtelijk, modulair, transformeerbaar. Dat is waar Arend Groosman’s werk en wereld allemaal om draait.
Sinds 2004 creëert Arend nieuwe innovatieve constructiesystemen met een wijd scala aan toepassingen.
Arend’s meest recente project, 24mm, is hét perfecte voorbeeld van zo’n multi-functioneel constructiesysteem. Lampen, meubels, constucties en zelfs volledige ruimtes kunnen worden gebouwd met dit bijzondere systeem. 24mm dankt haar naam aan de afmeting van de balkjes die de basis vormen voor elke toepassing binnen dit systeem.

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24mm is a modular system for creating constructions with all kinds of uses and applications. Whether it’s experimental, architectural, for interior objects, sculptures or spatial constructions, the options are endless. After a period of long-term research and experimentation into the workings of different construction systems, Arend has developed a system that made it possible to experiment and realize designs in a swift and efficient way. This journey has resulted in the creation of 24mm. An important guideline in the development of 24mm is transformable and mobile architecture. Objects made with the 24mm construction system have the option to be assembled and disassembled time and time again. This makes it possible to carry out new ideas quickly and create new objects instantly. Changing and merging, the material is easily reusable and can be transported without any effort. By combining the functional with playfulness, Arend wants to refer to a future in which our world is constantly adapting to the imagination. 24mm thanks its name to the unit of measurement used for measuring the laths that make up the system’s construction.